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 Big Rig Engulfed in Flames on I-5!

February 15, 2019

big rig fire

SACRAMENTO COUNTY, CA – There was commotion on I-5 after a big rig caught on fire early Friday morning. In fact, the fire incident, with emergency personnel and crews attempting to fight it, caused a massive backup of traffic for Friday morning commuters.

Traffic slowed and backed up on northbound I-5, just past Twin Cities Road, within Sacramento County. This information comes from reports from the California Highway Patrol.

Emergency personnel received reports of the big rig fire at about 4:30 in the morning. Then, the semi-truck was immersed in flames when the emergency crews arrived on the scene. Luckily, no injuries resulted from the fire. And, the driver was able to unhook the rig from the truck.

However, due to the fire, the driver did lose most of the cargo in the wreck. Apparently, he was hauling several pallets of salmon, as well as rub seasoning. It was almost all destroyed in the fire. This loss of resources and time will likely set the driver back on his schedule.

Morning commuters had to face the consequences as well. Even after extinguishing the fire, emergency crews shut down the right lane of traffic. As a result, this remained closed for multiple hours after the fire, while they cleaned up debris and moved the semi-truck out of the way. The crew did not give an estimated time for how long the lane would remain blocked.

But, despite the inconvenience to all involved, no permanent injuries result, which is the best-case scenario after a dangerous incident such as this. The lanes should be back up and running as normal for the remainder of the day.

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