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Bobtail Insurance

If you are a truck driver leasing a truck from a company, you need truck insurance not just for the time you are on duty. Accidents can happen at any time, and that is why companies require that their drivers have non-trucking or bobtail insurance. These coverages are designed to protect you when you are off duty or between terminals, or simply on your way home. Always check with your company what kind of coverage they require of you.

The best way to get the most affordable truck insurance is through a truck insurance agency. Independent agents will compare rates for you to get you the lowest price for your coverage.

Non-trucking insurance or Bobtail Insurance?

Non-trucking and bobtail insurance are terms that are often used interchangeably. Actually, there is some difference between these two.

The more affordable option is non-trucking insurance. It covers you when you are using your truck for non-commercial purposes. It’s your liability insurance when you are off duty.

Bobtail insurance is more flexible. It covers you when your truck is not hauling a trailer, regardless of if you are under dispatch or not. In case of an accident, it pays for other people’s injuries and property damage.

bobtail insurance

Bobtail Insurance with Progressive Truck Insurance

At Progressive Truck Insurance we know how trucking industry works. We will help you choose the right coverages and set the limits that will work best for you. Our experienced agents will go through all the details with you and combine policies to help you save big on your insurance.

Have any questions? Do not hesitate to call us – our agents will be happy to assist you. Get free quotes by requesting them online on our website or calling our office. We will be happy to assist you with bobtail insurance!