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California Bus Insurance

Operating a business that utilizes buses means you’re hiring drivers to transport people. Lots of people. And while those people ride your buses, they are your responsibility. Consequently, it’s advisable to equip yourself with the best in commercial bus insurance.

If your vehicles incur any damages or passengers suffer injuries, you don’t want to be without great insurance. As you know, accidents can get expensive. The safety net is quality bus insurance.

Commercial buses are defined by their purpose. In other words, there are charter buses, party buses, school buses, and tour buses. Tour and charter buses are used less frequently, however, they generally travel greater distances. Predictably, school buses get regular use but go a fixed distance.

Naturally, because different buses are used for different purposes, their insurance should be fitted to those specific needs. Therefore, it’s vital to carefully explain the purpose of your commercial vehicle to your agent.

Bus Insurance with Progressive

As with covering any vehicle, it’s essential to protect yourself with excellent liability insurance. This type guarantees you and your company will be protected should your bus have an accident wherein the driver is at fault.

On the other hand, property damage coverage compensates you for all damages suffered by your bus. Furthermore, the bodily injury component makes certain that medical expenses endured by the driver or passengers of another vehicle will be covered.

Collision coverage is also worth considering. After all, t’s definitely wise to have medical coverage for your passengers.

Finally, Progressive Truck Insurance always encourages commercial bus drivers to be armed with comprehensive coverage. This accounts for the possibility of theft, vandalism or fire.

Contact us at Progressive Truck Insurance today, and one of our agents will set you up with the policy you deserve!