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 Buying a New Semi Truck? Here Are Some Tips.

November 18, 2016

Are you looking to buy a new Semi- Truck? There are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration. There is a big difference between buying a car and buying a semi-truck. They are built to last a different amount of time and have different purposes. Sure, the basics remain the same choose a model, finance it, and drive away but semi trucks are built to last millions of miles or so, while a regular car is built to last hundreds of thousands of miles. Below are certain categories that might make the choice between semis a little more simple.

Do you want an Automatic Transmission or a Manual one? Here are the benefits for both.


  • Easier to use- The simplicity of an automatic semi can especially be taken into consideration when driving through areas that contain high traffic congestion.
  • Better Performance- The performance different is especially noticed when driving through mountainous areas and when driving a bit fast. Controlling the vehicle is a bit easier.
  • Consumption of Fuel- Better gas mileage
  • Less Tiring for Driver- Constant shifting of gears is not required


  • Driver is more involved- High driver involvement allows the driver to be more aware of their surroundings. The driver is in full control because there is no automatic system.
  • Affordability- The cost of make repairs or buy new parts is cheaper.
  • More Resilient- The lack of electronic components make the rig more dependable and robust.

Towing Ability

When it comes to your business no one knows it better than you. So, are you a long hauler or short hauler? Based on your answer you need to make a choice between rigs. The decision needs to be made based on the weight of your load and distance that you are going to travel.


So is high mileage a problem? A semi is built to handle millions of miles. So a semi truck with a high mileage can be purchased and can be expected to run for quite some time. But, for long haulers you may want to a rig that has a little less mileage on it due to long distance travel.


Some semi trucks contain a resting area with a bed in the back. You may find that yo

u need this type of rig if you are a long hauler and drive huge distances. Stopping at a motel every night can become expensive, so purchasing a semi truck with this addition may save you lots of time and money. For truckers making local and regional runs, a truck with this amenity might not be needed.

We hope we made purchasing a new semi truck an easier process for you.

One Response to “Buying a New Semi Truck? Here Are Some Tips.”

  1. Anne says:

    My husband has always been a lover of semi-trucks, he made me love them. We’ve using this present one for 6 years. Need to check the mileage to see how far we’ve rocked this baby. I hope he doesnt see this, I once took it on a road trip with my girls while he was far away. Semi trucks are awesome rides.

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