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 Can Truck Drivers Carry A Gun On The Road?

January 13, 2017

Gun laws are a big controversy in our nation. A lot of people are against gun laws while most, support them. For a trucker, many dangers can be presented while on the road. Do you know if you can or cannot carry?

The occupation most times requires many state lines to be crossed. With every state line that becomes crossed, laws change, due to the fact that each state has its own set of laws, gun laws especially.

Understanding where your gun permit is valid and where it isn’t is very essential. Having a gun permit that is valid in your home state does not mean that it will be valid when you cross over to another state. It is essential to be careful because the result of carrying a gun in a state that does not grant permission may result in some massive fines and maybe even some jail time.

There are no federal laws that deem guns as illegal. Although, there are federal and state laws that need to be followed by truckers, in order to be able to carry a gun.

Large carrier companies, well at least most of them may not even allow their drivers to carry a gun while they are on the road. A reason being that jail time can be faced is a gun is found in the truck. This is a benefit to owning and operating your own truck, you can make up your own rules especially if you want to carry a gun.

An important note, when traveling through a state that does not allow gun carry, your weapon will need to be unloaded and locked up in a container or compartment that is not easily accessible.

Here is some information on states and their gun carry laws…


States that issue guns to only their residents:



– Georgia

– Guam

– Kentucky

– Louisiana

– Michigan

– Montana

– Nebraska

– New Mexico

– South Dakota

– West Virginia

– Wisconsin



States that issue gun permits to both residents and non residents













-New Hampshire

-North Carolina

-North Dakota





-Puerto Rico

-Rhode Island

-South Carolina








States that may issue to residents only



-New York City

-Virgin Islands


States that may issue to residents and non-residents


-District of Columbia




-New Jersey

-New York


States that deny the right to carry

-American Samoa

-North Mariana Island

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