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Collision Insurance

Crashes involving trucks often have severe consequences, and unfortunately, they happen very frequently. Even when a truck driver does his job professionally, he is not safe from an accident. It only takes one driver to makes a mistake for a crash to happen. Besides the other obvious consequences of such accidents is damage to the truck itself. That is why it is important to insure your truck properly and carry enough in collision insurance. This coverage is a part of physical damage insurance and is required if you lease or finance your vehicle.

Collision Insurance

Collision Insurance with Progressive Truck Insurance

At Progressive Truck Insurance we can help you with any kind of truck coverage. We work with many insurance carriers. That means that we can get you optimum coverage at the best available price. We can even combine policies from several companies into one.

Collision insurance pays when your truck has been damaged in a crash or collided with any object. It covers you even if you are at fault.

The other part of physical damage is comprehensive insurance and it pays for any damage done to your truck in a non-collision situation.

It’s important to set the right limits with your collision coverage. If your truck gets in an accident, the damage can be severe. Repairing or replacing the truck can be a financial burden for you if you are not properly covered.

Contact Progressive Truck Insurance today and one of our friendly agents will get you started!