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Commercial Auto Insurance

Running a business that uses commercial vehicles means relying on those vehicles to get the job done every day. Whether your restaurant delivers pizza or rent out buses or limos, you cannot afford interruption of your business. If your van, truck or other commercial vehicle gets stuck in a garage, you are losing money. That’s why it is so important to have commercial auto insurance that will protect your vehicles’ operations in all situations.

The most convenient and fast way to get commercial vehicle insurance at the lowest available cost is to contact an insurance agency. This way, you will not have to call insurance companies yourself to compare rates – an agent will do it for you. And the best part is that he or she can combine policies from different insurance providers. It means that you will get the best offer without spending any time or effort!

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Commercial Auto Insurance with Progressive Truck Insurance

Progressive Truck Insurance is your reliable insurance agency specialized in truck and commercial auto insurance. We are here to help you protect your:

  • Commercial vehicles. You rely on your vehicles in your business, and it means that you need to keep them protected at all times. Our agents will write physical damage coverage that will help you keep your vehicles safe.
  • Employees. With Progressive Truck Insurance you can get medical coverage for your workers to protect them while they are driving your vehicles
  • Budget. Accidents can lead to costly lawsuits. We will make sure your liability insurance covers all the possible risks.

At Progressive Truck Insurance we work with all types of trucks, as well as other commercial vehicles. Get a free quote from us by calling our office – our agents will be happy to assist you! You can also request a quote online on our website.