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Dry Van Trailer Insurance

Dry van is a name of a trailer that does not have special features, such as temperature control. It is a semi-trailer widely used for shipping cargo that does not require any special conditions. If you haul this kind of trailer, you need to make sure you carry proper dry van insurance. Trailer insurance is not included in cargo insurance or truck insurance, so you need to make sure it is taken care of. Does it mean it is another coverage you need to spend time shopping around for? Not necessarily! Contact an insurance agency to get multiple quotes for you. It is the most convenient way to find dry van trailer insurance at the best price.

Dry Van Trailer Insurance

Dry Van Trailer Insurance with Progressive Truck Insurance

A company that uses a dry van trailer for shipping usually does not own it but is still responsible for it. For this kind of situations there is trailer interchange insurance. It covers the trailer you are using and works like physical damage coverage. For instance, if there’s an accident, trailer interchange insurance will cover the damage done to the dry van. It also pays in situations, such as vandalism, fire, theft and others.

At Progressive Truck Insurance we are happy to help you with all types of trailer insurance. We work with dry vans, flatbeds, reefer trailers and others. Our agents can also help you with cargo insurance and all types of truck insurance. We can combine policies from multiple insurance providers in order to get you the lowest price for your coverage.

Do not wait and contact Progressive Truck Insurance for free quotes! You can leave your info in a simple form on our website so we can contact you back. We are also always happy to hear from you, so give us a call in our office during business hours.