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Dump Truck Insurance

Dump trucks are vehicles that transport materials such as gravel, dirt and sand, and are mostly used on construction sites. They are considered commercial vehicles and therefore need to be properly insured. But dump truck insurance is important not just for the legal reasons. Dump trucks are heavy and large-sized vehicles. If such a truck is involved in an accident, it often results in extensive damage and serious bodily injury. That’s why liability insurance is not just a formal requirement to operate a dump truck. This coverage will pay for other people’s injury and damage if you or your driver is responsible for the accident. Also, if there is a lawsuit against you or your organization, liability insurance will cover all the legal costs up to the limits of your policy.

Because dump truck is surely not the cheapest vehicle to buy, you should also get physical damage coverage. There are two parts in this coverage: collision insurance and comprehensive insurance. Collision insurance pays if your dump truck has collided with another object or vehicle or has overturned. Comprehensive insurance covers your truck in all other situations, such as fire, theft or vandalism. Physical damage is important coverage, as repairing or replacing a dump truck can be very expensive and do damage to your budget.

For full financial safety of your operations, there are also other types of coverage you should consider. To get professional assistance and a good price for your dump truck insurance, contact a reliable truck insurance agency.

dump truck insurance

Dump Truck Insurance with Progressive Truck Insurance

Progressive Truck Insurance is an agency you can rely on when it comes to insuring your dump truck. We will contact various insurance companies for you to compare the rates and get the best-priced policy for you. Give us a call today – our agents will be happy to assist you!