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Flatbed Trailer Insurance

Flatbed trailers can be used for shipping many kinds of cargo, including heavy machinery and large vehicles. That is why they are so commonly used in trucking and many people choose to invest in this kind of trailer. But a flatbed trailer should also be properly insured. There are many situations that can result in costly consequences for a flatbed trailer owner. This kind of trailer has a simple hitch mechanism, so it’s easy to steal. It also tends to fishtail when it is windy. Not to mention, heavy loads that flatbed trailers often haul create additional risks. That is why it is important to get reliable flatbed trailer insurance.

To save time on calling insurance companies and shopping around, you can work with an insurance agency. Plus, a professional agent will help you with advice and understanding all the terms in your policy.

Flatbed Trailer Insurance

Flatbed Trailer Insurance with Progressive Truck Insurance

Whatever kind of business you are in, it is essential to be prepared for unfortunate situations. It is just as important in trucking. If you are looking for coverage for your flatbed trailer, just contact Progressive Truck Insurance and let us assist you with your insurance.

What kind of coverage do you need for your trailer? It makes sense to start with liability insurance. If your trailer hits another vehicle or object, this coverage will pay for the damage. To protect your trailer in case it is damaged, you also need physical damage coverage. It will cover you if your trailer is damaged in a collision or other situation such as fire.

Get free quotes on flatbed trailer insurance from Progressive Truck Insurance and save big on your coverage! You can request quotes online here on our website or simply call our office during business hours.