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Fleet Insurance

If your trucking business has more than 25 commercial vehicles, and they utilize multiple drivers then you have a full-fledged fleet. Given the large scope of vehicles, it’s important to have excellent insurance. After all, these trucks represent the whole of your business. Consequently, get the most comprehensive coverage available.

Not only do you want to be ultra-protected for the large quantity of vehicles under your watch, you want insurance that offers a great rate. There’s a lot at stake with running an operation this big. Therefore, you need to be able to get affordable Fleet coverage customized to your unique demands.

Progressive Fleet Insurance

Progressive Insurance will definitely set you up with personally designed insurance. Furthermore, we’ll make sure the package is discounted to account for the number of vehicles getting covered. There’s a lot of details involved in securing quality coverage for this many vehicles. But you don’t have to worry.

At Progressive Insurance we’re experts at assembling great coverage packages that satisfy your company’s unique demands. Even better, we are always building your protection with affordability in mind.

First, we’re going to ensure you have Liability Insurance. This is the bedrock of any plan. In fact, this type of insurance is required in California. Again, we also aim to optimize the plan to account for the volume of vehicles covered. Additionally, we recommend Physical Damage coverage.

Best of all, Progressive Truck Insurance provides Fleet Insurance for all kinds of trucks. This including tow trucks, car carriers, tanker trucks and plenty more!

Contact us at Progressive Truck Insurance and one of our expert agents will set you up with first-class Fleet Insurance.