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Garbage Truck Insurance

Garbage trucks are vehicles used for transporting trash from residential areas to disposal sites. These trucks are usually owned by private companies and considered commercial vehicles. It means that as with any commercial vehicle, you need insurance in order to operate a garbage truck legally. But coverage for your garbage truck is important not just for the legal reasons. This kind of vehicle is a big investment, and you should protect it in case of an unfortunate situation. To get a good offer for garbage truck insurance, contact a reliable truck insurance agency. An experienced agent will call multiple insurance carriers for you to get the best deal.

garbage truck insurance

Garbage Truck Insurance with Progressive Truck Insurance

At Progressive Truck Insurance we are always happy to assist you with your coverage. Our agents will explain all the terms and details to you and help you get the right coverage for your situation.

The main coverage for any truck insurance is liability insurance. If you’re at fault in an accident, it will pay for bodily injury and property damage of other people involved. Without this coverage you cannot operate a commercial truck legally.

Another coverage we recommend is physical damage that will cover you regardless of fault. It consists of collision insurance and comprehensive insurance. Collision insurance pays if your vehicle has overturned or collided with another object (or vehicle). Comprehensive insurance covers you in non-collision situations, such as vandalism, theft and fire.

There are other coverages for your garbage truck that you could benefit from. Talk to one of our agents to get all the information and professional advice on your policy.

Request free quotes on garbage truck insurance online on our website or call our office during normal business hours. Our agents will be happy to assist you!