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 Is Leasing A Truck Worth It? Let’s Find Out!

March 31, 2017

The average profit margin of  the trucking industry is about 3%. Which means that on average, a lease driver or owner operator who is doing well will make about 3% more than a driver who drives for a company.


That also means that a ton of lease drivers and owner operators are either making the same as a company driver, or less. Many are even losing money. And yet they’re work output is higher, encounter endless amounts of stress, and putting their financial future at risk.


What is all this for? The possibility to maybe make 3% more than a company driver, id they are lucky? That doesn’t sound like much of a win.


Average salary for a company driver with experience is about $48,000 per year. Counting the 3 percent of $48,000 is $1,440 per year, when you divide this number weekly, it comes to about $30 a week.  Is the high amount of stress and risk worth an extra $30 a week?


If you think an extra $30 a week actually can benefit you, there is something worse that you will lack. The lack of control means that you are taking all that risk not for yourself but the leasing company. For them, it is all profit right from the start. If the freight switch shuts off it only does damage to you. You are left totally at their mercy.


This is why it does not really make sense to buy or lease a truck. There us very little potential and very high risk and more importantly most of it is out of your control.

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