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Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is the type of insurance you are legally obliged to have. It is the backbone of any vehicle coverage, including commercial truck insurance. So, what does it cover? In case of an incident, it will pay for bodily injury and property damage done to another party if you are at fault.

Bodily injury is the part of your liability insurance that pays for medical bills, nursing care and hospital expenses of the injured party. Property damage pays for the damage made to the other party’s property. It includes not only other people’s vehicles, but also buildings and other objects on the street.

When you are in trucking business, you know it is very important to be able to cover the damage that your truck can cause. Accidents involving trucks are often very destructive, so it can cost a lot to cover all the expenses. To choose the right limits for your coverage and get it at an optimal rate, it’s best to contact a truck insurance agency.

liability insurance

Get Liability Insurance at the best rates with Progressive Truck Insurance

Our agents will be happy to assist you with getting liability coverage. We will make sure your policy’s limits are optimal for your situation. Our agency works with many insurance carriers, so we will get the best rates for you.

Besides the limits, you will also need to choose the deductible. While lower deductibles will also make your premium lower, make sure your deductible will not hurt your budget in case of an accident. Your coverage will only pay when your deductible is paid.

Contact Progressive Truck Insurance for free truck insurance quotes! We will be glad to help you bind optimized coverage for your truck. You can request free quotes online on our website or over the phone.