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 Lytx Announces New Video Platform For Trucking

September 30, 2016


A new video telematics platform for trucking industry was announced by DriveCam maker Lytx on Sept 29.


According to Lytx, the new platform connects to the DriveCam platform and provides complimentary features, including Unysin’s always-on video for tracking and monitoring field operations and fleet and using DriveCam’s exception-based video for collision prevention.


The Unysin platform offers always-on cloud-connected video up to seven days or more depending on what resolution the user has chosen. The video from the fleet is available in real time for access and review, and can also be accessed a few days after an incident.


The Unysin platform consists of a set of camera systems, such as in-cab cameras, forward facing cameras, cargo interior cameras, side-view cameras and more. Fleets can choose how many cameras they want to use, which ones and where on vehicle-by-vehicle basis. They can also tailor their program to their operation using event recorder sensitivity, various methods of video retrieval and video tags for organizing and cataloging recordings, according to Lytx.

2 Responses to “Lytx Announces New Video Platform For Trucking”

  1. Angela says:

    Technology changes quickly. I had to look at the picture twice to see the camera. These cameras are a good addition to trucks and will help keep everyone safe. DriveCam connected to Cloud for instant uploading and storage is cool. That saves a lot of time trying to download footage and lowers the risk of footage being lost/deleted. DriveCam by Lytx looks like a product worth purchasing.

  2. Harly says:

    I think this should be regulated for all vehicles.

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