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Med Pay

It is a sad truth that accidents involving trucks often result in severe damages. But it is not only the damage to a truck and other vehicles you should be concerned about. Crashes often lead to bodily injury that sometimes can be very serious. While liability insurance covers other people in case of an accident you are at fault of, you should also take care of yourself. To protect yourself and make sure you are covered if you need medical treatment, you can get med pay coverage. It will protect you and your passengers, regardless of fault, and pay for medical expenses and hospital bills.

Med Pay

Get Med Pay with Progressive Truck Insurance

Progressive Truck Insurance is your trustworthy truck insurance partner. Our agency will be happy to assist you with all your coverage needs. We are always here to help you with Med Pay insurance, as well as get the best coverage rates for your policy!

If you are in a trucking business, Med Pay is a great choice for you. While legally you are not obliged to carry it, you want to make sure you are totally covered in case of an accident. This type of coverage is a great way to protect yourself and your passengers, especially if they do not have health insurance or are underinsured. It’s a good choice for anyone driving a commercial vehicle.

As with other coverages, you will need to set the limits for this kind of insurance. It is important to choose the limits wisely, because if they are not enough, you will have to pay the difference from your pocket.

Our truck insurance agency will help you with all the questions you have. Contact us today to get answers!