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Owner-Operator Insurance

As the owner-operator of a commercial trucking business, you’re not only responsible for the expensive trucks you own, you’re also charged with protecting the cargo. Plus, let’s not forget you’ve got to worry about your own safety. This means it’s key to have great coverage.

Let’s face it, accidents do get expensive. Whether its damages to your vehicle or if there are injuries, you can’t be without insurance. Otherwise, you’re risking the future of your business. Nobody wants their company jeopardized because they were careless about coverage.

Progressive Owner Operator Insurance

Progressive Truck Insurance starts their coverage packages with Liability Insurance. This is the most basic type of coverage. It’s also required in California. With this coverage, your company is protected if it’s an accident that’s the driver’s fault.

This type of insurance guarantees you and your company will be protected in an accident where the driver is at fault. Progressive also highly recommends Physical Damage Coverage. It covers your vehicle for any damages in an accident. After all, vehicles are the heart and soul of your business. In other words, don’t overlook this.

So, if you’re shopping for good coverage, look no further. Progressive Truck Insurance tailors plans to suit your needs. Contact us today with any questions!