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Refrigerated Trailer Insurance

Reefer trailers are commonly used in trucking for shipping cargo that requires special conditions, namely maintaining a temperature level. Typically, reefer trailers ship freight such as produce and food for retail and other businesses. Having such a trailer can be very profitable, but it is important to protect it with reliable coverage. To get the right refrigerated trailer insurance at a low price, it’s a good idea to contact a truck insurance agency. An independent agent can help you with professional unbiased advice and compare quotes from multiple insurance carriers for you.

Refrigerated Trailer Insurance

Refrigerated Trailer Insurance with Progressive Truck Insurance

At Progressive Truck Insurance we know all ins and outs of coverage for refrigerated trailers. We will be happy to make your business financially safer with our affordable insurance.

There are many risks that you should consider. Just like any trailer, your reefer trailer can be stolen or vandalized. It can be damaged in an accident or break down on the road which will also result in a loss of cargo. Progressive Truck Insurance will help you evaluate your risks and get coverage at the lowest available price. Our agents will make sure that there are no holes in your policy and you are protected from any financial losses associated with your trailer.

Progressive Truck Insurance works with all types of trucking businesses, including small and large fleets and owner operators. We can help you with insuring any kind of trailer and assist you with cargo insurance. Our agency offers low down payments and special discounts to help you save even more!

Get free quotes on refrigerated trailer insurance today and let us help you protect your business. You can request quotes over the phone by calling our office or through our website by filling out a quote form.