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Register For IFTA

What Is The International Fuel Tax Agreement?

The International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) was created to make the fuel tax system easier. It also brings an end to the need for separate permits. It is an agreement among US states and Canadian provinces.

Who Should Register For IFTA Tax Account?

If you qualify, then it is much more convenient to register for IFTA. It offers several advantages to interstate motor carriers, including.

  • A single fuel tax license which will let your vehicles to travel in all member jurisdictions
  • One tax return filed each quarter with the jurisdiction where you are licensed, your “base jurisdiction.” This contains your mileage and fuel use information for all member jurisdictions
  • Audits generally performed by your base jurisdiction.

Is There An Alternative to IFTA Registration?

If you qualify for IFTA, but do not choose to register, then there is an alternative. You must get a fuel trip permit from each member state or province every time you travel into it. It is  also mandatory  to purchase a four-day fuel trip permit (for $30) before returning to California.

If you have any questions regarding IFTA, contact us. Also, ask us about our very affordable truck insurance rates.