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Semi-truck Insurance

Semi-trucks have become the kings of the road a long time ago and they still are. In the United States, big rigs transport most of all cargo. That is why 18-wheelers generate great profits for their owners, no matter if they are owner operators or run a company. But it also should be considered that semi-trucks are expensive vehicles and require quite an investment. To protect this investment, as an owner, you should make sure your truck is properly insured. Getting semi-truck insurance can be a lengthy and stressful process if you do it on your own. Without a doubt, you want your coverage to be affordable but it means shopping around for quotes. Calling one insurance company after another and giving them your information would take a lot of your time. Plus, every company would try to sell you their policy, often without really explaining the terms. To avoid all that, you can work with a truck insurance agency.

semi-truck insurance

Semi-truck Insurance with Progressive Truck Insurance

Progressive Truck Insurance is your helping hand in all your truck insurance matters. Our agents will call insurance companies for you. We will compare their rates and combine their policies to get you reliable coverage at the lowest possible price. Additionally, we’ll help you understand all the terms and details about your policy. Our agency wants you to have insurance that you know will work for you!

We can help you with any kind of coverage, starting with liability insurance and ending with cargo insurance. Progressive Truck Insurance also offers coverage for all types of trailers. With us you can protect your trucking business fully and affordably!

Get free semi-truck insurance quotes from our agency today and save big! You can request quotes online on our website or by calling our office.