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 Tesla Boosting Deliveries by Buying Trucking Companies

December 7, 2018

Elon Musk was formerly using railways to deliver Tesla models to the East Coast. He claims that by buying trucking businesses he can further develop his car delivery services and speed up the shipment process by at least a month.

Most recently the issue came alive on Twitter when the Tesla Incorporated chief executive officer made a statement on Twitter. He said that delivery for any 3s ordered by the end of November should arrive by the end of December. The executive stated that using trucks for auto transport, rather than railways, saves more than a month off the time it takes cars to get across the country.

Unfortunately, Musk wouldn’t answer specific questions regarding the enlargement of capacity. Thus he stated that there was a possibility of attainment.

Back in September, it was clear to customers that Tesla was having trouble getting the Model 3s to customers. At the end of September, the company briefly tried even building some of its own car carriers.  This is clear in Musk’s Twitter, as he made a formal apology, and informed the public on his development in creating his own carriers.

Although, as of today, it is still unclear which car carrier companies the developers bought or proposed contracts to. One particular man who could provide insight was Guy Young, the manager of the Auto Haulers Association of America, who claimed that he hadn’t heard of any trucking inquisitions engaging  Tesla.

Since holidays are coming towards the end of the month. The demand for trucking is high. Tesla company is adding to that demand.

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