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 The Problems with an Aging Trucker Workforce

June 25, 2019

Trucking is a tough line of work. In fact, it’s got a wide range of problems associated with it. However, these problems are usually associated with safety issues out on the open road. Still, there is another problem that isn’t being discussed enough. This problem has to do with the future of trucking, and it can impact where the industry goes within the next few decades. The issues facing truckers today is that the workforce is aging rapidly.

A Shifting Workforce Dynamic

Currently, logistics companies experience stable and lower premiums for insurance for worker’s compensation. However, an aging workforce means the risk for worker’s compensation for fleets is elevating more.

Chris Mikolay is the vice president of National Interstate Insurance Co. This company provides worker’s compensation. He worries about a few issues: “Getting in and out of the truck not using ‘three points of contact'”. Also, working on top of trailers or being exposed to wet and slippery conditions. He claims, “There are many exposures of this type for drivers”.

These issues can affect drivers of all ages. However, these exposures are a big risk for aging truck drivers. Therefore, they increase the risk of needing more worker’s compensation sooner.

Meanwhile, president of James Burg Trucking Co. James Burg says, a younger worker who slips on the job might catch themselves and “That wouldn’t be an injury.” However, an older worker with the same loss of balance might actually get hurt, and “that same stumble would now tear a meniscus”, which is cartilage in the knee.

You need to take care of your health and wellness at all times, regardless of your age. Fortunately, you can read helpful resources for more information on this important matter.

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