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Tow truck insurance

If you own a tow truck or run a towing company, you can rest assured you will not be left without work. Towing services are used every day in many different situations. You might be towing a car to or from an auction or provide roadside assistance to a car that has broken down on a highway. Your company can haul cars that are parked illegally or for auto mechanic shops. Whatever your specialization is, you know that your tow truck is a great investment. Therefore, you need to make sure your investment is properly protected. Your tow truck’s safety is not only about its driver’s experience and following all the rules. It’s also about tow truck insurance and being prepared for all kinds of risks.

tow truck insurance

Tow Truck Insurance with Progressive Truck Insurance

At Progressive Truck Insurance we are aware of all the risks tow trucks are associated with. First of all, to legally operate a tow truck you need liability insurance – it’s required for any commercial vehicle. It will cover other people’s property damage and bodily injury, as well as your lawsuits costs if you (or your driver) are at fault.

You will also need physical damage coverage to protect your tow truck. It will cover all damage done to it, regardless of fault.

Another important coverage for you is on-hook towing insurance. It will cover damage done to the vehicle you are towing in the process of transit. If the vehicles you tow are also parked or stored at your location, you can also get garage keepers insurance. It will pay for the damage done to the vehicles at your location.

Get free tow truck insurance quotes from our agency today and save big on your coverage! Request quotes online or over the phone – our agents will be happy to assist you.