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Trailer Insurance

In most cases, a shipping trailer does not belong to the company transporting it. Consequently, a trailer requires its own insurance. This is traditionally tailored to the exact type of trailer being used.

The most commonly used trailer resembles a box on wheels. This is called a Dry Van Trailer. However, there are other trailers out there. These include Flatbed Trailers, Refrigerated Trailers, and even Containers. The Dry Van Trailer does not require a temperature-controlled environment like a refrigerated one does.

Generally, trailers carry valuable cargo. Whether important perishables or valuable goods, a trailer accident can prove costly. That’s why securing the best coverage is vital.

Trailer Coverage with Progressive Truck Insurance

At Progressive Truck Insurance we recommend Trailer Interchange Insurance. This coverage is basically Physical Damage Coverage for dry van trailers. In other words, this protects you for incidents outside of the driver’s control such as vandalism, theft, or even fire.

Naturally, we recommend this coverage alongside Liability coverage. After all, flatbed trailers are prone to fishtail incidents. With the valuable cargo they’re carrying, they need to be doubly protected.

Contact us at Progressive Truck Insurance today. We’ll get you the best trailer coverage around!