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 Trucks Hitting Overpasses Result In Delays And Detours

September 30, 2016

Delays And Detours

Wednesday’s crash in Downtown Spokane became the 13th incident of a truck hitting an overpass in the city this year. According to Spokane Police records, five of them happened at the Stevens Street Railroad overpass and caused delays and detours.


This time it took longer than usual to clear the area after the accident because the products in the truck had to be unloaded into another truck.


According to officer Brad Moon, it was not just a delay for the police department, but also for tow truck operators. They also had to shut down trains in order for the bridge inspector to work.


Each time a truck gets stuck under the bridge in Spokane, it leads to delays and detours. The bridge and tracks must be inspected for the damage, and it causes costly disruptions to the railroad.


Moon says that most of the time it happens because out-of-town truck drivers rely on their GPS that often does not factor in bridge heights.


In such situations drivers can be cited for negligence or falling to obey a traffic control sign.

2 Responses to “Trucks Hitting Overpasses Result In Delays And Detours”

  1. Adam says:

    I seem to always be caught in the traffic jam that results after a truck gets jammed into an overpass, the delays in traffic can be far reaching… in this day and age of Google Maps and Waze, is there not an ability for a bridges height to be measured and factored into the GPS maps. I’m sure all the data is already available… it would just require an Advanced Selection where you’d put in the trucks height and the app would map out the appropriate route. I’ve spent hours stuck in traffic from incidents like this.

  2. Pam says:

    it is good to have a system where anytime there is an accident or a delay caused by a truck. it is well managed and controlled by the required authority.

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